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  • Sculpture Canvas, The New Relief Art
  • step 1: Draw with a pencil and use rounded chisels to shape
  • step 2: Use rifflers and rasps for refining details or sandpaper for a smooth finish.
  • step 3: Coat the surface with an acrylic binder or a quality gesso
  • step 4: Paint with any acrylic or oil paint brand
  • Sculpture Canvas, the new Relief Art

Sculpture Canvas® step designed by English artists

Experience the simple steps of different artists to come to a beautiful 3D composition .

Lady with umbrella by Patricia Wood

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Patricia Wood step 1 Patricia Wood step 2 Patricia Wood step 3 Patricia Wood step 4 Patricia Wood step 5


Oyster catcher by Sonia Hawes

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Sonia Hawes step 1 Sonia Hawes step 2 Sonia Hawes step 3 Sonia Hawes step 4 Sonia Hawes step 5 with extra natural products


Angel by Rita Sadler

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Rita Sadler uses her own painting as inspiration Rita Sadler step 1 Rita Sadler step 2 Rita Sadler step 3 Rita Sadler step 4