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Become a Sculptor in "no time"

Rasp-iT® is great for starting artists and hobbyists. It can be painted and decorated with any type of acryllic-oil or waterbased paint, goldleaf, deco- paper or anything you wish.

Making a Sculpture has never been so easy  in 5 steps :

Step 1 : Design-iT:  Make your Design with a pencil directly on your figure.

Step 2 : Rasp-iT :    Shape your form with a rasp.

Step 3 : Sand-iT:     Use a 80, 120, 180 grit sandpaper for finishing the surface.

Step 4 : Prime-iT:    Use a quality primer.

Step 5:  Paint-iT:     Paint it and/or decorate-iT.

Rasp-iT® Collection before and after