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  • Sculpture Block® - The Art of easy Sculpting®
  • Sculpture Block® - The Art of easy Sculpting®
  • Sculpture Block® - The Art of easy Sculpting®


The product developer of the product Sculpture Block®, Jan-Willem Krijger, has been acquinted for over 30 years with designing and developing creative products. As being a sculptor in stone and wood, he experienced that sculpting is only for a few people because of its complexity, costs and physical posibilities.

Jan-Willem Krijger has developed with his team a safe and easy to shape  user- friendly material for the artist-, design and hobby market. This new and extremely strong  product is called Sculpture Block®.

Now anyone can make easily beautiful forms and creative sculptures in less time and for less money.
Our website is to support our dealers and retailers. We do not sell or supply directly to the consumer. We do organise Workshops and Courses and supervise a Sculpture Block® Gallery for anyone to participate or to get inspiration.


Our mission is to stimulate creative expression and pleasure for young and old, experienced and inexperienced. The product Sculpture Block® came from the idea to develope and distribute a 3D shaping product for everyone.
Sculpture Block® is for the professional artists, 3D designers, the hobbyists, the architects and the modelbuilders.
Now everyone can unfold its creative potential in an easy way and become a sculptor in a short time.

 Creating becomes fun with Sculpture Block ®!